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Terrace Sunflower Child Care Centre

"We believe children learn through play"

Our Programs


Children enrolled in Pre-School they prepare for school age readiness. This includes circle time, sensory play, Math & Science exploration, problem solving, making friends and outdoor adventure.  

Group Care

In our Group Care program, children work in small and large groups to achieve fine motor skills, large motor skills, literacy, socializing and dramatic skills. In our outdoor adventures, we teach children about nature and their surrounding environment. 

Multi-Age Care

Children ages 2 and half to school age learn to play together, to develop problem solving through Math, Science, sensory, music, puppets, blocks, stories and physical activities indoor or outdoor.

Jobs Opportunities:

Call for more info.

Educational Activities Include:

Fun with alphabets,

Fun with Numbers, Learning Shapes, Understanding direction/rules through games, Cutting Skills, Painting, Drawing, Building blocks, Puzzles, Children's music, Group games, Field trips, etc.